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Ganzhou Rely Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.
    Ganzhou Rely Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (Abbr.: RELY) is located in Ganzhou, China - “Tungsten Capital of the World”, and is a professional enterprise specializing in design, manufacture, and sale of carbide cutting tools.
     We provide various cutting tools, Turning Inserts, Milling Inserts, Grooving Inserts, Cermet Inserts, Aluminium Inserts, Threading Inserts, Small Parts Machining Inserts, Carbide End Mills, Face Milling Cutters, Milling Tool Holders, Carbide Rods, etc., as well as various non-standard cutting tools, widely used in all the types of machinery processing, like automobile, mould, plastic and so on, applied in high precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, parting, grooving, and threading.
About Us
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  • RCMX1003MO

  • SCMT09T304-HM

  • SNMG120404-PM

  • SNMG120404R-ZC

  • SNMG150608-DM

  • Turning Inserts

  • Turning Inserts for Stainless Steel

  • Turning Inserts for Cast Irons

  • Milling Inserts

  • Grooving Inserts

  • Cermet Inserts

  • Aluminium Inserts

  • Threading Inserts

  • Carbide End Mills

  • Face Milling Cutters

  • Milling Tool Holders

  • Carbide Rods

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    Machining Industry
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    Mould and Die Industry
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    Automotive Industry
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    Electronics Industry
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    Construction Industry
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    Cutting Tool Industry