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About Us
   Ganzhou Rely Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (Abbr.: RELY) is located in Ganzhou, China - “Tungsten Capital of the World”, and is a professional enterprise specializing in design, manufacture, and sale of carbide cutting tools. 
     We provide various cutting tools, Turning Inserts, Milling Inserts, Grooving Inserts, Cermet Inserts, Aluminium Inserts, Threading Inserts, Small Parts Machining Inserts, Carbide End Mills, Face Milling Cutters, Milling Tool Holders, Carbide Rods, etc., as well as various non-standard cutting tools, widely used in all the types of machinery processing, like automobile, mould, plastic and so on, applied in high precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, parting, grooving, and threading.
     As a member of Ganzhou -“Tungsten Capital of the World”, we are well aware of the importance of tungsten carbide in cutting tools. Therefore, we are committed to developing and providing the highest quality carbide cutting tools and solutions to meet customers' needs for efficient and precise cutting.
     We have years of experience and technical expertise in the field of carbide cutting tools, and have a deep understanding of the industry, which enables us to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. At the same time, we have close cooperation with numerous excellent domestic partners and material manufacturers. Through collaboration with them, we can obtain the latest technical information and guarantee of raw materials, thereby providing customers with higher quality products and solutions.
      In addition to the domestic market, our products are also exported to all over the world. We adhere to the principle of customer-centered and provide professional solutions for global customers. We always insist the values of integrity, quality, and innovation, and are committed to providing customers with the best cutting solutions. No matter where you are, we will wholeheartedly serve you, providing you with satisfactory products and professional technical support.
       Below are a few other reasons why you should patronize our company:
     - Reliable and Premium Quality Products.
     - Professional Service.
     - Favorable Factory-Direct Pricing.
     - Worldwide Shipping.
     - Swift Response to Inquiry/ Quote Requests.
     We look forward to cooperating with you for a better future!
About us